Marketing Confidential

One of the major things that every sales training course will teach is the types of marketing techniques that exist in the business sector. These techniques will determine the course of your business when it comes to attracting clients, retaining them, and selling your products.

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Some of the marketing techniques that exist today include print advertisement, video marketing, social media marketing, referrals, regular promotion offers, value addition, branding and sponsorship and many more.

Print Advertisement

Print adverts include any information that is printed and posted in public domains with a view to enhance awareness about your products, services and brand events. Some of outlets through which you can make use of print advertisement to market your business includes through catalogues, flyers, posters, street ads and so on. Adverts of this kind have to be brief, attractive, and very clear.

Video Marketing

You can make a video that subtly advertises the need for people to have your products and services. A video of this nature has to be clear and captivating as well as entertaining. Its aim would be to attract people to your brand without having to shove that brand down their throats. Video marketing is one of the best techniques of marketing in use today because it is very memorable. A memorable marketing campaign ensures that potential clients give your brand a second look when they come across it.

Social Media Marketing

The social media platforms offer your business an opportunity to market your brand to a huge number of people from across the world. Through the internet, you can make use of social media, to keep your client base informed about products, the need to have those products, and events associated with your brand. You can also use the social media platforms to control any damaging information related to your brand as well as answering any queries regarding any issues that crop up. When you do so effectively, you will ensure that, you keep your client base, happy, feeling important and very loyal to your brand.

Promotion Offers

It never hurts to give free samples of your new products to your clients. When you do so, you are essential marketing your brand. Alternatively, you can offer a free product for every X number of items clients buy from your business. Since everyone likes free stuff, this marketing technique will work wonders.

Value Addition

Value addition is a marketing technique that entails making a client feels that they are getting some value for money, in addition to accessing your products. Offering discount coupons, guarantees, points for loyalty to your brand and some cash back for referrals are all ways of implementing the value addition technique in marketing.

Branding and Brand Endorsement

Branding involves enhancing the visibility of your brand using subtle messages and packaging. Brand endorsement, on the other hand, involves the use of a famous personality who will endorse your products to attract his or her fans to them. When done correctly, branding and brand endorsement can yield very good results as far as attracting more clients are concerned. Many of them will want to be associated with products that their favourite famous personality has endorsed. It is a form of a lifestyle choice for such people.